Louisiana Region Archivist – Fred Duplechin


AACA Louisiana Region

Started in 1955 and chartered on February 10, 1956



Evangeline – April 1958

Baton Rouge – June 1960

Contraband – January 1965

CENLA – January 1986

Lagniappe – October 1999

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Past Presidents of Louisiana Region                       Secretary/Treasurer

1955    Roger B. Ellis, Crowley

1956    Mike Cannon, Metairie

1957    Andrew Navarre, Metairie                             Herbert Wagner/Lester Richard

1958    Lester J. Richard, Rayne                                  WilsonTrahan/RogerEllis

1959    Roger B. Ellis, Crowley

1960    Roger B. Ellis, Crowley and Al Teed, Baton Rouge

1961    Patrick J. Babineaux, Lafayette

1962    Neal Wood, Baton Rouge

1963    Neal Wood, Baton Rouge

1964    Jerry Bennett, Baton Rouge

1965    A.C. Fondren, Lafayette

1966    A.C. Fondren, Lafayette

1967    Jerry Bennett, Baton Rouge                                Lester Richard, Rayne

1968    William R. Moore, Baton Rouge                      John C. Copes, Baton Rouge

1969    O.A. Delord, Lake Charles

1970    Humphrey W. Johnson, Baton Rouge

1971    Lester J. Richard, Rayne                                    Gene Hoffpauir, Lafayette

1972    Grady A. Parker, New Orleans                               Y. Elena Lyons

1973    Donald B. Woodward, Maplewood                          Thyria “Bunny” LeDoux

1974    Donald B. Woodward, Maplewood                          Thyria “Bunny” LeDoux

1975    Gene Hoffpauir, Lafayette                                “Pappy” Coussan, Lafayette

1976    John Ballintine, Lake Charles                       Janelle Ponthieur, Lake Charles

1977    George Scheaffer, New Orleans                              Bob Gossard

1978    John Copes, Baton Rouge                               Estelle Copes, Baton Rouge

1979    Kermit Doucet, Lafayette                                          Sherry Doucet

1980    Janelle Ponthieux, Lake Charles                          Michael Garber, Lk Chas.

1981    Larry McQuirter, Clinton                                    Kenneth McQuirter,Clinton

1982    Melvin Durr, Gretna                                                  Betty Durr, Gretna

1983    Jimmy Chauvin, New Iberia                               Cheryl Chauvin, New Iberia

1984    Gerald Hidalgo, Opelousas                                  Ray Montgomery, Lafayette

1985    Bob Marting, Lake Charles                                  Mildred Brooks, Jennings

1986    Pappy Coussan, Lafayette                                        Gil Weimer, Lafayette

1987    Skipper McAdams, Baton Rouge                    Willard Johnson, Baton Rouge

1988    Marty Roth, Metairie                                                Becky Ducote

1989    Larry Ames, Sulphur                                                Ruby Meaux

1990    Carrol Guilbeau, Carencro                                        JoAnn Guilbeaux

1991    Harry Kleinman, Lake Charles                                  Clara Gillard

1992    Tommy Brooks, Jennings                                         Jewel Slovacek

1993    Charles J. Schneider, Metairie                                  Emily Schneider

1994    Gerald Moreau, Pineville                                          Cliff Fuselier

1995    David Johnston, Baton Rouge                        Charlie Matthews, Baton Rouge

1996    Pat Lehrmann, Chalmette                                         Bob Jenevein

1997    Gil Weimer, Lafayette                                               Gene Hoffpauir

1998    Karen Kleinman, Lake Charles                          Larry Dilks, Lake Charles

1999    Charlie Froehlich, Slidell Chapter                      Charlie Maher, Slidell

2000    Rodger Peters, CENLA Chapter                                Mary Peters

2001    Charlie Matthews, Baton Rouge                       Jim McDaniel, Baton Rouge

2002    Perry Richardson, Lafayette                            Cathy Richardson, Lafayette

2003    Jim McDaniel, Baton Rouge                               Wade Giles, Baton Rouge

2004    Mike Kramer, Houma                                       Perry Richardson, Lafayette

2005    Marcella Rose, Westlake                                   “Bunny” LeDoux, Lake Charles

2006    Gary Labat, Houma                                  Bobbie Thibodeaux,Broussard

2007    Curtis Ducote, Folsom                                           Becky Ducote, Folsom

2008    Warren Ferlandy, Picayune, MS                     Paulette Fontenette, Metairie

Two Year Terms started in 2009

2009/10    Bobby Thibodeaux, Broussard                     Brenda Derouen, New Iberia

2011/12    Joe Wright, Lake Charles                Thyria “Bunny” LeDoux, Lake Charles

2013/14    Johnny Waguespack, Chalmette                  Sharie Waguespack, Chalmette

2015/16    Herb Comeaux, Alexandria                           Linda Burns, Glenmora

2017/18    Fred Duplechin, Schriever                   Milton “Buddy” Whitney, Houma

2019/20    Wally Waguespack, Baton Rouge                  Marie Tortorich, Donaldsonville

2021/22    Ron Sonnier, Rayne LA                         Perry Richardson, Lafayette LA

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Recipients of the Louisiana Region  Past Presidents Award (best restored car on Louisiana Tour)

Year            Owner                                           Vehicle

1984            John C. Copes, III                    1924 Ford Touring

1985            Bobbie B. Crump, Sr.                1935 Auburn Cabriolet

1986            Ronnie Flick                              1940 Mercury Convertible

1987            Gil Weimer                                1929 Hudson Roadster

1988            Elliot S. Wehand                        1955 Buick Century Convertible

1989            Ronnie Flick                               1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop

1990            Charlie and Ardie Froehlich        1935 Ford Five Window Coupe

1991            Kim C. Martin                            1922 Auburn “Beauty Six” Sport

1992            Ronnie Flick                               1963 Chevrolet SS Convertible

1993            Lonnie Legunden                        1929 Model A Ford Roadster

1994            Robert Smith                              1931 Model A Ford Phaeton

1995            Joe Fabregas                              1928 Model A Ford Phaeton

1996            Virgil Jones                                 1951 Pontiac Chieftan Deluxe

1997            Charlie and Eula Matthews          1926 Chevrolet Sedan

1998            David and Pam Wightman           1913 Model T Ford

1999            Jay and Pam Armstrong              1950 Mercury Woody Wagon

2000            Paul and Lodell Rogerie              1951 Ford Two Door Custom

2001            James W. Todd                          1936 Ford Club Cabriolet

2002            Charlie and Eula Matthews         1924 Chevrolet Pickup

2003            Greg and Brenda Dobney           1929 Model A Ford Pickup

2004            Fred and Dot Wilbert, III            1954 Ford Customline Coupe

2005            Curtis and Becky Ducote            1956 Chevrolet 210 Hardtop

2006            Charlie and Eula Matthews          1932 Chevrolet 5 Window

2007            Jay and Pam Armstrong              1950 Ford Sedan

2008            Pat and Jenny Pansano                1955 Oldsmobile 98

2009            Greg and Brenda Dobney            1931 Ford Victoria Leatherback

2010            Pat, Jenny and Lindsey Pansano    1955 Oldsmobile 98

2011            Mike and Willie Mae Mote            1970 Shelby GT-350

2012            Michael and Betty Kramer          1957 Chevrolet Belaire station wagon

2013            Curtis and Becky Ducote              1941 Oldsmobile Convertible

2014            Freddie and Celeste Hebert          1961 Cadillac Convertible

2015            Fred and Debbie Duplechin          1988 Avanti Convertible

2016            Johnny Waguespack                    1965 Oldsmobile 442

2017            Ralph and Yvonne Artall               1936 Buick Model 46

2018            Jay & Pam Armstrong                   1936 Ford

2019            Raymond and Rosie Comeaux      1966 Mustang

2020            No Louisiana Tour and therefore no award presented this year

2021            Charlie and Ardie Froehlich          1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

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The Writer’s Awards

By Charlie Matthews

[Edited and appended by Fred Duplechin beginning December 2020 following Charlie’s passing]


The Louisiana Region of AACA has annually presented an award for the best article contributed by a member for the official publication, The Duster.

The first award in the series was the Nita Scheaffer award originated in 1977 and retired after 12 years in 1989. At that time it was decided to retire future awards after 10 years.


The second award was the Mildred Brooks award it was retired in 1999 and presented to her son Paul Brooks of Raytown, Missouri.


The Jean Ballintine award was sponsored by John and Estelle Copes III and was designed to honor a former member of the region. Mr. Copes managed the award upgrades, the selection committee and distribution.  The Ballintine Award was retired in December of 2010.


The Estelle Copes Award was first presented at the December 2010 Regional meeting sponsored by Eula and Charlie Matthews.  It was retired at the December 2020 Regional Meeting.


The Writer’s award is a traveling award presented each year at the December meeting for the best article printed in the region newsletter ‘THE DUSTER’. The award year begins with the November – December issue (number 6) and ends after the September – October (issue number 5) the following year.


Mr. Copes passed on the sponsorship and management of the award to Jim and Betty McDaniel as of the Christmas Meeting 2003.  Charlie Matthews took over that responsibility upon the passing of Jim McDaniel in 2015.  Herb Comeaux assumed responsibility for the Writer’s Award at the December 2020 Regional Meeting following the passing of Charlie Matthews.  Herb will be the first Chairman for the new Award which he has designated as the Charlie Matthews Writer’s Award.


Each issue of The Duster is mailed to David Norwood of The Advocate, who, along with his assistants, makes the selection of the best article of the year. The Writer’s Award Chairman then has the name tag engraved, announces the winner and makes the presentation to the recipient at the annual Christmas Membership Meeting. The winner retains possession of the award for one year then returns it to be awarded to the next winner.


Each Writer Award is retired after 10 years and awarded to a family member of the honoree.




1978 Fred Fabret

1979 Gene LaCaze

1980 No Information

1981 Harold Boudreaux

1982 No Information

1983 Bob Marting

1984 Gary Wolfe

1985 Bob and Joan Hale

1986 Gil Weimer

1987 Betty Ames

1988 Mildred Brooks

1989 Mildred Brooks

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1990 – Bobby Crump

1991 – Vincent “Cy” Tortorich

1992 – Charlie Froehlich

1993 – Fred Wilbert

1994 – Ron Trahan

1995 – Roy Strom

1996 – August Lorio

1997 – Charlie Froehlich

1998 – No Information

1999 – Harlie Hagius

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2000 – Gene Hoffpauir

2001 – Larry and Doe Dilks

2002 – Gene Hoffpauir

2003 – Charlie Froehlich

2004 – Mary Baker

2005 – Warren Ferlandy

2006 – Charles Morel

2007 – Fontenette

2008 – Warren David

2009 – Charlie Maher

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2010 – James Turner for “Louise And The Other Woman”

2011 – NOEL CAZAYOUX for “My Tour Dream & the Chartreuse Pinto”

2012 – Charlie and Barbara Maher “Our 1951 Willys-Overland Station Wagon”

2013 – Ralph Ohlmstead for “100, Going on 120”

2014 – Charlie Froehlich – “Bayou State Early Ford V8 Tour to Lake Tahoe”

2015 – Charlie Matthews – “Tribute to Jim McDaniel”

2016 – Charlie and Ardie Froehlich – “A L00000NG JOURNEY”

2017 – Marty Roth – “Ten Thousand Miles and Three Months in the 1954 Cadillac”

2018 – Faye Drake – “Message from Fay Drake”

2019 – Dale Fontenot – “Tribute to Ray and Mary Lou Montgomery”

2020 – No award was given due to the Covid Pandemic, the limited number of submissions, and the passing of the Chairman, Charlie Matthews. 

The Estelle Copes Award was retired in December 2020.

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The Charlie Matthews Award

2021 – Ron Sonnier –  “The Chain”