Welcome to the Louisiana Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America!  This website will provide you with many answers to your questions and links to important people and resources to meet your antique automobile interests.


What is an “antique” car?  It depends on whom you ask!  Car clubs/organizations, events, publications and historians all have their own answers, but with regards to AACA, “antique” means 25 years or older. The organization also focuses on originality – how the vehicle would have left the showroom.  But… we welcome anyone who appreciates the history and preservation of automobiles.  Our members range from youngsters who don’t yet own an automobile to oldsters with collections.  Some have pristine and authentic vehicles, some have unrestored vehicles, and some have modified cars.  Some are gearheads, some are not.  We’re an interesting bunch!


We are a network of 5 chapters of the Antique Automobile Club of America serving Louisiana.  Buttons in the Menu atop each page will help you navigate this website.  If you’re not already a member, we hope you’ll contact us to join.  We’re here to  offer support and activities to enrich your experience in Louisiana….